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Splatoon lacks voice chat to promote a positive online experience

Nintendo's multiplayer game Splatoon will not contain a voice chat option in order to "focus on the positive aspects" of online gaming.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge magazine (thanks, GamesRadar), Splatoon co-director Yusuke Amano said personal experience with negativity in online voice chat was one of the main reasons for excluding the feature.

Amano feels this will also help Splatoon standout to those who aren't "familiar" or comfortable with traditional shooter games.

He admits some aspects of working as a team will be lost without voice functionality, but the game provides a "phrase system" which contributes to communication between players.

Splatoon will be released on Wii U in Japan on May 28 and the following day in North America and Europe.

A Nintendo Direct presentation devoted to the game will air Thursday, May 7 at 7am PDT/10am EDT/3pm UK.

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