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The Sims 4 Gallery lets you share characters and worlds with other players

During its Gamescom conference EA took to the stage to play a live demo of The Sims 4. We have all the new details here.

It started with the Sim creator, the guys on stage creating an incredibly flattering version of EA COO Peter Moore to show off the range of face and body types available. They then showed traits, such as sporty or creative, as well as details such as a 'walk style.'

They then moved on to Build Mode, showing how a Sim's house is built. Everything can be moved, including the whole house, a feature that is new to The Sims 4.

Once the house was settled, they set about the individual rooms. Players are able to browse the creations of other players in the Gallery and can bring them straight into their own game. You can even bring in an entire house made by another player.

On stage they showed a football stadium-style house being brought in from the library, and then a maze that quickly killed off one of The Sims inside it.

Players are able to go fishing in their neighbourhood, splice new plants together, or go out and meet other Sims to socialise. The way your Sim will socialise depends on the traits selected in the character creation process. On stage they showed a Sim called Pancake Bob who had the 'gloomy' trait, who looked miserable despite eating a massive plate of pancakes. He was married to Eliza, a much cherpier Sim. Needless to say they weren't getting along.

So Peter Moore's Sim was sent in to cheer up Pancake Bob. Bob was able to complain about his problems, while Peter offered hugs that still didn't do the job. Only when Peter began to dance did Bob begin to cheer up, joining in with the fun.

Things then got a bit weird. The demo showed a rare kind of plant that players can make. It was called a Cow Plant, and was a sort of venus fly trap with an udder that used a piece of cake to lure Peter Sim into its mouth.

EA was keen to show the variety of gameplay options available in The Sims 4 and how this can be shared with other players.

The Sim creator demo is available right now online, and any Sim created will be able to go straight into your game when The Sims 4 launches on September 2 for PC.

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