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The Secret World "Hell Raised" beta weekend visits the Savage Coast

Funcom has detailed this coming weekend's beta test for The Secret World.

Having dabbled around in Kingsmouth in the past two betas, players will be invited to venture into the countryside in an area called the savage Coast.

At least two major dungeons will be available; the gates-of-the-underworld stylings of Hell Raised and The Polaris, a wrecked supertanker has been spotted off the coast of Solomon Island.

The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get to explore and enjoy more of the game than ever before.

You'll need to patch to the latest version of the client; Funcom reckons the game has benefited from "improved content, gameplay mechanics and performance" as well as an updated combat system and full DirectX 11 graphics.

The beta kicks off at 9:00AM PDT on June 15 and runs until 11:59PM PDT on June 17. I'm actually going to be home for this one so remember: VG247 rolls Templar.

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