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The Little Birds Rumour Round-Up #1

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First in the occasional series. We hear stuff, you see, that we want to tell you, but we have to protect the little birds. We call them "rumours" and that keeps them safe. God bless you, birds of the world.

  • Pandemic is working on a Batman Dark Knight Returns game. It's been rumoured before, but we're assured this is "100 percent" correct.
  • Bitmap Bros was supposed to be working on a Doctor Who game a long time ago, but the BBC wanted millions for the license and no one was sure whether or not the brand would work outside the UK. The Eidos game is a trading cards thing.
  • EA LA was rumoured years ago to be working on a Spielberg game. This is true, apparently, and the project is branded internally as "LMNOP". The title has been ongoing for "two or three years" now, and its focus is to be the first game to truly evoke emotion in the player. We know other stuff about this, but we have to protect the innocent.

Have fun.

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