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The Last Story US release not motivated by fan campaigns

The long delayed publication of Mistwalker's The Last Story did not come about as a result of fan pressure campaigns, XSEED has revealed.

Publishing director Ken Berry told Kotaku the petitions, letter writing and general noise made by gamers - including those gathered together as Operation Rainfall - isn't what sent XSEED to Nintendo about rights to the game

"Nintendo, they have their own set of rules that they go by. And as for us, it didn't really affect us either - cause we have our own requirements that we look for on potential titles. And, you know, it just met all [our] prerequisites," he said.

Berry further revealed that no other publisher had made a bid for the game before XSEED.

"[Nintendo was] like 'Well, no one's asked us yet, but it may be possible. Let us take a look,'" he said.

"Perhaps people just assumed that if Nintendo wasn't gonna do it, it wasn't coming over. They were very receptive from the start."

Berry said the XSEED team picked the game up the Tokyo Game Show and liked it enough to approach Nintendo; end of story.

So much for all our Internet slacktivism. How humbling. The Mistwalker RPG finally hits Wii consoles in the US in July.

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