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The Evil Within 2 has more robust customisation and crafting, and also here are some creepy GIFs for you

The Evil Within 2 certainly doesn't hold back on the red sauce, does it.

Bethesda has sent over a double whammy of The Evil Within 2 news today, starting with a few details on how customisation and crafting have been overhauled since the original game.

The sequel has larger areas than the first game, so players have many more opportunities to be flexible in their playstyle, whether they choose to focus on increasing Sebastian's survivability, making him more deadly or aiming to be as stealthy as possible.

Unlike the first game, The Evil Within 2 has two different upgrade resources. Green Gel is now used only for upgrades to Sebastian himself or to his abilities, while weapon parts are used for upgrades to his gear.

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Bethesda gave some examples of upgrades. The health tree lengthens Sebastian's health gauge and decreases the damage he takes. The stealth tree improves his speed while crouching and unlocks sneak attacks around corners or from cover.

Combat upgrades include reduced recoil, more weapon stability and stronger melee attacks, while the recovery tree has options to speed recovery after a near death experience, gain moe health from recovery items or automatic recovery item use. The athleticism tree includes dodge and stamina improvements.

As well as The Evil Within 2's five upgrade trees, you can spend Green Gel on special abilities you can activate at will. Examples include Bullet Cascade, part of the combat tree, which increases shooting damage with each consecutive shot until you run out of ammo or the skill timer ends.

When it comes to weapon customisation, you can improve firepower, ammo capacity, reload time and fire rate for your handgun and shotgun. The Warden Crossbow has different upgrades for range, aiming speed and what kind of special effect bolts you can use.

Thanks to the crafting system in The Evil Within 2, you can put together ammunition for your weapon of choice rather than relying on what's in the world - so while ammo is still scarce, you won't be limited in your choice of weapon. You can visit a workbench to craft ammo or healing supplies, or put them togetehr in the field at the cost of additional resources.

The other The Evil Within 2 news drop today is a stack of new assets related to some bloke called Stefano. Apparently he, and his creations, are one of the horrors we'll encounter in The Evil Within 2. We'll be able to visit the former artist's gallery in-game.








The Evil Within 2 releases just in time for Hallowe'en, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It's only the second game from Shinji Mikami's Bethesda-owned studio, Tango Gameworks.

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