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The Evil Within 2 - watch the first hour of gameplay and try not to freak the f**k out

The Evil Within 2 certainly starts as it means to go on. Spoilers, obviously.

If you can't wait for the Friday 13th release (oooOOOOOoooooo!) of The Evil Within 2 this week then we've got just what you need. The first hour of gameplay, covering Chapters 1 and 2.

Chapter 1 is pretty much a prologue, setting up the return of Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he begins his journey to find his lost daughter, the reintroduction of the shady corporation Mobius, the STEM device, and its weird and disturbing experiments.

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Chapter 2 introduces you to the full horror of producer Shinji Mikami's third-person adventure, pushing the player though a chase scene, extreme violence, headshots and jump scares before dropping them in the small town of Union, the kind of place where you don't want to go wandering on your own after dark.

The bad news for you is you have to go wandering on your own, and it's always dark.

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We'll bring you more of The Evil Within 2 closer to release day.

In the meantime remember The Evil Within 2 is rated 18 for a reason and NSFW. It's best viewed with the lights off.

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