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The Division 2's third DLC episode is coming in February, but not with the second raid

Episode 3 of The Division 2's post-launch content arrives next month with a whole new area.

Ubisoft has revealed a few final details about The Division 2's Episode 3. The DLC launches in February, and it's adding New York's Coney Island as a new location.

Coney Island arrives alongside The Cleaners, the enemy faction from the first game. The Cleaners are the flamethrower-toting maniacs. You'll be able to explore the island as part of two main missions.

Year 1 Pass owners will also have access to two Classified Assignments, as per usual. There's also going to be a new Specialization, though Ubisoft is not sharing details on that just yet. Finally, Episode 3 will bring a new Exotic weapon to the game. The Kameleon is an SMG whose camo changes to match the player's surroundings.

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The Division 2's second raid - Foundry - which was delayed to 2020 back in October, will not be part of this content drop. Ubisoft said it will be available at some point after Episode 3's release.

Developer Massive also confirmed that Episode 3 won't be getting its own test server prior to the public launch, due to the lack of major balance changes in need of testing.

More details about Episode 3, including a final release date, will be revealed in future State of the Game developer livestreams.

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