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The Cave: Ron Gilbert stresses its pure PC nature

The Cave creator Ron Gilbert has revealed that he created the game with the PC market firmly in mind, and has explained why its purely mouse and keyboard-based control scheme harks back to the adventure genre's heydey. Did you also know that he only fires up his Xbox 360 once a month?

Speaking with RPS, Gilbert stressed his love of the PC format, and explained why he wanted to give PC gamers the feeling of a classic adventure.

"I’m primarily a PC gamer. I boot up my Xbox once a month. Mostly I play PC games.

“To me, making sure that PC game felt really good and natural to play with the mouse – and not just, like, a bad console port to PC – was personally very, very important. So yeah, I want to do as much as humanly possible with the mouse and all that.

"On the PC version, you’ll just be able to click with your mouse. Characters will walk to wherever you click. Switching characters with the keyboard by just hitting the number keys [is also an option]. So there’s some streamlining like that that happens with the PC version.”

The site also asked Gilbert if his love of the PC format will see his next project be more PC-centric, to which he replied, “Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

“I definitely am [happy to see PC back in the limelight]. It’s where I play a lot of my games. And, you know, console games are kind of in a downfall because we don’t have anything new from the major hardware manufacturers… well, OK, maybe Nintendo. But not Sony or Microsoft yet.”

What do you make of that PC fans? Is it good to see Gilbert returning to the PC, mouse and keyboard in a big way? Let us know below.

Thanks PCGamesN.

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