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Tekken 6 to empty wallets with £150 arcade stick bundle


No one ever said becoming King of the Iron Fist would be easy. On top of parting with copious amounts of blood, sweat, and tears, Namco Bandai's now asking fans to bid farewell to £150.

For that price, you'll nab a copy of Tekken 6, an art book, and a Hori Tekken arcade stick. And not just any Hori Tekken arcade stick, either -- according to Namco Bandai, this thing's "the best peripheral for any console." Your hill of colorful plastic objects has a new king.

Or, if sleeping on park benches isn't really your thing, there's also the £70 collector's edition. It comes with a copy of Tekken 6 and a hoodie designed by the game's art team. Not quite an arcade stick, sure, but it's still probably the best hoodie designed by Tekken 6's art team. Probably.

So, which Tekken 6 SKU are you buying?

Thanks, CVG.

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