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Tears of the Kingdom players keep forgetting Ascend exists

The best ability for traversal is seemingly the most accidentally slept on.

Link has a whole suite of new powers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it seems like a lot of people are forgetting Ascend exists.

I think I've lost count of how many times I've accidentally pressed up on the d-pad to try and choose one of my powers in Tears of the Kingdom. For those that are starting with the sequel, you might not realise that that was how you chose your Sheikah slate abilities in Breath of the Wild, as opposed to the L button in Tears of the Kingdom. Muscle memory is obviously kicking in here, and I think for me it's also causing me to forget what powers I even have, particularly Ascend - and it seems like a whole lot of other players keep forgetting about it too.

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Over on the Zelda subreddit, one user has started a thread titled "Anyone [else] forget the Ascend ability exist[s]", and out of the 369 comments, a lot of people seem to agree. "Yeah, spent the first few hours in the underground where it's not as useful," one user wrote. "Then I went to explore a well and I really thought I could not get back out." This one's incredibly relatable for me - I literally used a rock that I lifted up with Ultrahand, and then used Recall to climb out of a well, completely forgetting I can just Ascend out of there.

Another spoke of its uses against Battle Talus', those new forms of those big rock guys that are furnished with platforms and Bokoblins. "I had an epiphany so hard I heard a bubble pop in my head when it finally clicked that I can use Ascend to get up on a Battle Talus to punch its rock," wrote the user. "I was getting tilted trying to get on the stupid thing, but couldn't get over the wooden battlements. Ascend. Duh!"

Others in the thread shared they would forget Recall a lot too, which again, me too, but now I'll use it for quickly saving things I dropped off of a sky island. Things like that really show you how Recall could be the game's Tears of the Kingdom's strongest ability. Though it is pretty cool that Ascend is basically cheating (something the devs admitted they love to do).

[TOTK] Anyone forget the Ascend ability exist
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