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Tearaway is Media Molecule's new IP

LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule has unveiled it's new IP at Sony's pre-gamescom conference.

Media Molecule's Alex Evans hit the stage to introduce the studio's new game. He spoke of how drawing on paper has helped the LBP franchise grow, and this is core feature of Tearaway.

It starts Iota, a tiny paper chap who has a special message in his head for you, and you have to help him reach the real world and deliver it to you.

He runs around a papercraft world that looks gorgeous, and responds to your touch. It's a 3D platformer with tons of neat mechanics. In the gameplay demo, Iota picks up enemies and fend for himself, but you have to help him too.

You can tap the rear touch screen to make drums beat, bouncing Iota higher, and helping him fight multiple enemies. You can tap the back screen during combat to tear the ground, allowing you poke your finger through the floor and smash enemies.

You can help paint areas of the world, such as creating a new skin for an elk by snapping a pattern with your camera. You can even shout into the PS Vita microphone to make Iota shout loudly.

It also includes AR features that sees the PS Vita's camera come into play, laying the camera's view over the papercraft game world.

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