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"Talks" going on regarding Epic Mickey for Kinect and Move


Raul Ramirez, producer at Junction Point, has said talks are going on over at the studio regarding the possibility of bringing Epic Mickey to PS3 and Xbox 360 now that Move is out and Kinect is coming soon.

Speaking with TVG at TGS, Ramirex said "of course that seems to be what everybody feels now that those controls have come in," regarding the possibility of Epic Mickey for Move or Kinect.

"There are talks going on, but... I don't know," he added.

Warren Spector has stated quite a few times in the past it was "possible" the game could eventually hit PS3 and Xbox 360, and once even said no one had asked him for a port yet.

He did, however, say before Move and Kinect he "probably would have said no" to a port due to the game being gesture based.

Time will tell we suppose. Maybe an eventual sequel will hit all formats.

Epic Mickey releases November 25 in Europe, November 26 in the UK, and November 30 in the US for Wii.

Thanks, GamerZines.

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