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Tales of Zestiria story features dragons, battle system will have a "big surprise" for fans

Tales of Zestiria producer Hideo Baba has shared first details of the RPG's protagonist, and dropped some interesting hitns about its story and battle system.

In a Famitsu interview translated by Siliconera, Baba confirmed Tales of Zestiria will use an "evolved" form of the current "linear-motion" battle system, and focus on swords and magic. That said, the producer also said it will feature a "big surprise"

Story-wise, dragons are going to be an important element. Baba didn't say what role the beasts will play, but did hint that Zestiria's treatment may differ from traditional depictions, where dragons are arbitrarily good or evil, or act as symbols.

Protagonist Alicia was revealed in more detail. As the most junior member of the royal succession, she's last in line for the throne and not a very important royal. She chose the profession of knight, a life she enjoys, and would put herself in danger to help others, especially in defence of her nation. She's more serious than cheerful fellow star Slay, and is travelling with him for her own reasons.

The new information adds substantially to our small pool of knowledge on Namco Bandai's latest, although some early Tales of Zestiria footage surfaced last month.

Tales of Zestiria is coming to PlayStation 3 in time for the franchise's 20th anniversary, and has been confirmed for western release, although we still haven't got a release date for previous instalment Tales of Xillia 2, due sometime this year. The Tales franchise has now shipped in excess of 16 million units worldwide since debut in 1995.

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