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Tales of Zestiria to launch this year - new trailer

Tales of Zestiria continues Bandai Namco's delightful new habit of bringing the popular JRPG series to the west before the shine wears off.


Tales of Zestiria is coming west in northern autumn, the publisher has announced. That's not a bad turnaround, given it first hit Japan in January, and localisation of text-heavy titles is expensive and slow.

Gematsu reports the localised version will feature Japanese and English audio as well as English, French and Spanish subtitles.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive features a traditional medieval fantasy world, as opposed to the more modern-seeming setting of other recent series entries, and tells a story of a young man who must determine the fate of two warring nations.

Combat is real time and there's no divide between exploration and battle. One inetretsing twist is that you can "fuse" two characters together during fights.

Here's the latest trailer:

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