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Tales of Monkey Island Collector's Edition trailer


Digital downloads are all very well, of course, but there's just something about the sight of a shelf full of game boxes that makes you think "gosh! If I ever move, I'm going to need two trucks."

Nevertheless if you go in for all this physical media stuff, TellTale's episodic Tales of Monkey Island is getting a nice shiny Collector's Edition just dying to be arranged by alphabetisation or colour-coding. Have a look at the trailer through the break.

What this trailer courtesy of Gamespot fails to mention is that the Collector's Edition comes along will come with some juicy bonus content for those who held out.

Additionally, if you've already got the whole series, Telltale are running a special deal to assist you in acquiring a disc without causing your wallet to weep.

Trailer's below. Grab the Collector's Edition on March 25.

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