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Tales from Space: About a Blob gets details, screens, trailer


Ryan Maclean, co-founder and CEO of DrinkBox Studios, has posted some information and screens for the firm's PSN platformer Tales from Space: About a Blob over on the EU PS Blog.

Set to release in the US as a PlayStation Plus exclusive on February 1, the game will see a general release on February 8. A European and Australian date will be announced soon, and Maclean hopes the game will come out "as close as possible" to the North American date.

Tales from Space: About a Blob is a "side-scrolling puzzle-platformer about a race of alien Blobs that land on an Earth-like planet and start eating everything around them." It looks very retro-inspired, and includes local co-op gameplay, a "monster-movie theme", and a dash of humor as well.

Players must find and eat objects smaller than them as they make their was through levels, sequentially growing larger along the way. Soon, after eating enough, players can "absorb cars, people, buildings," and more. Collectible points and hard-to-find “Blob friends” are also scattered about the levels.

Blobs can jump, absorb, slam, and run while also spitting out objects already absorbed and then pulling them "back from a distance using a special 'attract'ability."

In co-op , spit and attract can be used to pass objects back and forth.

It all sounds very neat, and you'll be able to play a free trial version of the game from day one of release.

Check out more on Tales from Space: About a Blob through the EU PS Blog. There's plenty of screens through there as well, and a trailer posted below.

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