Patch 3.1

WoW patch 3.1 – now out everywhere

World of Warcraft’s 3.1 patch is now out, whether you’re American, European, or Martian. Get is in any language from BigDownload. The update includes a ton of stuff, but most notably the new Ulduar instance. Get the full patch notes here.

11 years ago

Patch 3.1 headlines

  • Requirements relaxed for World of Warcraft dual specs

    Blizzard says that the requirements for WoW dual talent specialization have been relaxed for the game’s next patch. Dual specs will be available to those level 40 and above instead of the previously stipulated 80, will cost 1,000 gold to access, and players will no longer be required to be near a Lexicon of Power […]

    11 years ago
  • WoW patch 3.1 goes live on test realms

    WoW Insider’s published an exhaustive guide to World of Warcraft’s patch 3.1, which has now gone live on the game’s test realms. There’s an insane amount of information through there, but some of the main changes are as follows: Mounts will not dismount in water Dual specs The Ulduar raid instance BG queuing now allowed […]

    11 years ago
  • Blizzard gives WoW players a peak at new dungeon

    Blizzard has posted some information regarding new dungeon Ulduar, to be included in the next World of Warcraft patch. The dungeon encompasses two separate raiding areas and you’ll need the help of siege vehicles to help you assault the denizens guarding the entrance. Once inside, you can expect a face-to-face encounter with an enormous tank […]

    11 years ago