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SWTOR video offers a choice: shoot lightning out of your hands or wield a cannon

Bioware has released a new video for Star Wars: The Old Republic, detailing the various nifty things the Sith Inquisitor and the Republic's Trooper can do.

The Inquisitor has a sense of destiny to the character, and knows from the beginning it belongs with the Empire, rather a slave of it or not. The Trooper, he is your everyday guy thrown into situations where he must defeat evil any way he can.

So, in the end, the choice really becomes: Do you want to be able to torture folks by shooting lightning out of your hands? Or would you rather sport a massive cannon that allows you to blow your enemy back to its maker? Personally, we kinda dig that lightning bit.

SWTOR is out December 20, and beta weekends are still ongoing. Thanks, EvilAvatar.

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