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Sick of overly-serious Superman films? Then you'll be happy to hear the new one will "have a sense of humour"

And Lois Lane will be "feisty, marvellous and fiercely intelligent."

The past couple incarnations of Superman movies have had the Kryptonian take on a bit too serious of a vibe, but apparently the new one will "have a sense of humour."

Say what you like about the Henry Caville era of Superman, but he was a bit of a miserable mope wasn't he? Always flying about the place with a scowl on his face, constantly posed just right so that he looks like some kind of Jesus-like figure. Honestly, where does the confidence come from? Well, it doesn't matter what any of us think of him now, because he's out as Superman, and David Corenswet is in - and according to a recent interview with his counterpart Lois Lane, i.e. Rachel Brosnahan, Corenswet's Superman will have a "sense of humour."

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Brosnahan spoke about the new, funnier Superman, as well as her own character Lois, who she describes as "feisty, marvellous and fiercely intelligent." Speaking further on the film, Brosnahan said she's "really enjoyed the collaboration with James Gunn so far. Every single person involved in this production is such a perfect nerd for Superman. We all grew up watching the movies. Some of us were reading the comics. So I feel like it’s being made with so much love. And I think this Superman will have a sense of humour.

"We’re excited to both put our own spin on things and honour the material we love so much."

Gunn making his Superman funny isn't surprising given his general career, but particularly with the Guardians of the Galaxy series. It also feels right for Superman, as he is meant to be a funny character, whether it be through his awkward charm as Clark Kent, or through dry but witty one-liners as Superman. It's not even early days yet for the new DC cinematic universe, as nothing has even started shooting yet.

We're also a ways out from Superman: Legacy, Gunn's Superman film, which is set to release July 11, 2025, so in the meantime, maybe you should play Superman 64 or something to pass the time, I heard that one was pretty good.

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