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Min Min is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new DLC character

The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter is Arms' Min Min.

Nintendo just announced on today's mini-Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that Min Min is the game's new DLC character. She arrives on June 29 for $6 a la carte.

Min Min is a guest from Arms, and director Masahiro Sakurai spent about 35 minutes going over plenty of gameplay details, and showing off her new stage, Spring Stadium. Every purchase will also come with most (18) of the music tracks from Arms.

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Min Min is, of course, the first of the add-on fighters coming to the game with the Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol. 2, which includes five more yet-to-be-revealed arrivals. All characters will be released before December 31, 2021.

As part of today's show, Nintendo also announced Fallout's Vault Boy as a Mii Fighter costume. Finally the company is working on Joker, and Hero amiibos, coming sometime this fall.

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