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Super Mario Party - check out this video with clips from all mini-games

Super Mario Party is out in just a couple of weeks and today, you can have a look at clips from all 80 mini-games.

Switch users will soon be able to get their hands on Super Mario Party, and if you want an idea of what to expect beforehand, this new video will give you a grand taste.

The video is around 16 minutes long, and was posted by YouTube channel Mario Party Legacy  (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

Announced at E3 2018 in June, new features in Super Mario Party include character-exclusive Dice Blocks, with up to four players taking turns.

Players will also be able to link two games and two Switch consoles to play side-by-side with another group of friends.

Super Mario Party releases October 5.  If you are at EGX 2018 this weekend, Nintendo has brought it along. Go give a try.

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