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Suda 51 and Swery teaming up for horror game called Hotel Barcelona

Suda 51 and Swery are teaming up for a horror game tentatively titled Hotel Barcelona.

News of the collaboration between Goichi "Suda 51" Suda and Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro for Hotel Barcelona was announced during a IGN Japan livestream.

The duo have wanted to work together again since the PSVR title they were working on was cancelled. In 2018, they decided to collaborate again on a horror-suspense title.

Tentatively titled Hotel Barcelona, details of the game are still very much up in the air. According to Suda and Swery, the game may not even take place in Barcelona. Or it could. It may take place in another city instead.

Either way, the duo discussed the possibility of having employees and guests at a hotel stalked by either a killer that is a ghost or maybe another person. Suda also discussed how he'd like to throw in an evil character the player, a journalist covering the opening of the hotel, would be forced to control.

Since Suda is more into gore than Swery, who prefers suspense, it's possible Hotel Barcelona would have a mixture of both. Suspense in the beginning, blood and gore during the second half. Again, since nothing is final, expect what was said to change a bit during the development process (via Nintendo Everything).

At present, the duo would like to see the game released on Stadia, Switch, or even mobile. One of the publishers the team had discussed the possibility of partnering with is Devolver Digital, according to the stream. The publisher was said to have offered 100 million yen, which is around $1 million.

Devolver was apparently surprised to hear this bit, as you can see by this confused tweet.

Because the game is still in being conceptualized, it may be a quite a while before we hear anything concrete. Then again, you never know with these two. Next week, at an event, Swery will apparently reveal more ideas for the game while Suda will have come up with the logo.

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