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Sucker Punch: Action adventure not the best genre for UGC

Infamous 2's surprise inclusion in the Play.Create.Share family didn't work out very well, developer Sucker Punch has admitted.

Speaking at a GDC presentation, as reported by GameInformer, studio co-founder Chris Zimmerman said only 15% of Infamous 2 players tried a UGC level, and only 5% created one.

"Third-person action adventure might not be the best genre to do user-generated content in," he said.

Zimmerman admitted that Sucker Punch could have promoted the UGC system, pointing out flaws with the search system at launch. He said that prior to the introduction of a "Win to Publish" feature, many levels were too buggy to be completed by players, and those who tried a poor UGC level rarely attempted another one.

Infamous 2 is the third game released under the Play.Create.Share banner, alongside LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers.

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