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Stringer dismisses Kotick PS3 threat as "noise"


Sony Corp head Howard Stringer has shrugged off threats from Acti Blizz boss Bobby Kotick that he may drop support for PS3 unless there's a price cut.

"He likes to make a lot of noise," Stringer told Reuters, speaking at the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho this week.

"He's putting pressure on me and I'm putting pressure on him. That's the nature of business."

Kotick issued an eyebrow-raising warning shot to Sony last month, saying that unless the machine came down in price, "When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console."

Asked about the logic of not cutting PS3's RRP, Stringer added, "I (would) lose money on every PlayStation I make - how's that for logic."

Full thing through there.

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