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Street Fighter 5: Vega moves list

It's all change for Vega in Street Fighter 5. Time to learn some new moves.


Street Fighter 5: Vega moves list

Vega is an old Street Fighter stalwart, but he’s never been more different than he now is in Street Fighter V. Most notably Vega is no longer a charge character, and he now has two modes: with his iconic claw, and without. With his claw out Vega does more raw damage, but with his claw sheathed he gains new moves entirely. The key to playing Vega is figuring out when to switch between his two distinct fighting styles.


V-Skill: Matador Turn (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Vega performs an elegant twirl, which in turn can dodge a projectile or other incoming attack. A follow-up attack can also be performed – simply pressing MP/MK causes only the dodge, but holding the buttons makes Vega slash out in a counter attack immediately after the twirl to punish the dodged attack.

V-Trigger: Bloody Kiss (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)

Vega tosses a rose as a full-screen, fast-moving projectile attack. If the rose hits, Vega then charges behind the opponent, switching screen sides, and slashes at his opponent. It can be thrown diagonally as an anti-air attack by using this V-Trigger while crouching. It’s also possible to use this V-Trigger as part of combos.

Special Moves

Flying Barcelona Attack (Z-Motion + Punch / Forward, Down, Forward + Punch)


Vega flies towards the wall and jumps off it. The direction you do your ‘Z motion’ in determines which wall you fly towards and jump off. As Vega falls towards the ground again, a number of different additional moves can be peformed out of this with button presses – and EX versions of all these moves are available.

Claw Attack (Flying Barcelona Attack >> Punch)


Pressing punch as you descend will do an airborne slash if Vega’s claw is equipped.

Inzuna Drop (Flying Barcelona attack >> Throw)


If your opponent is also airborne, and near you, Vega can grab them and slam them to the ground.

Grand Izuna Drop (Claw Off Only: Half Circle Back + Punch)


A command grab – Vega grapples the opponent at close range and performs a forced flying Barcelona Attack and Izuna drop on them. This is a powerful little move, but can only be used with the claw off.

Crimson Terror (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


Vega launches into a forwards roll that hits your foe multiple times if it catches them. The kick button used determines how far his roll travels, with light being the shortest and heavy the furthest. There is also an EX version available.

Aurora Spin Edge (Claw On Only: Quarter Circle Back + Punch)


Vega performs a twirl with a slash, backing up a little as he does. The button pressed determines where the move hits – Light Punch hits low, Medium Punch hits at regular height, and Heavy Punch slashes upwards diagonally, making it a functional on-reaction anti-air move. All versions knock down, while the EX version hits at standing height, but follows it up with a dashing second slash.

Switch Claw (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)


Vega takes his claw on if it is already equipped – his default – and puts it back on if you’ve already taken it off. This will leave you briefly open for a hit, so be careful.

Critical Art (Super) – Altair (Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)


Vega dashes across the screen, just like his flying Barcelona attack, trying to catch the opponent with a downwards slash to pull them into a painful slash. Despite looking like a claw-driven move, this does the same damage regardless of if you have the claw equipped or not, for the record.

Unique Moves

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Mercury Shard (Forward + Medium Kick)
  • Buster Claw (Claw On Only: Down & Forward Diagonally + Heavy Punch)
  • Matador Flash (Claw On Only: Heavy Punch >> Heavy Punch >> Hold MP/MK)
  • Matador Blitz (Claw Off Only: Medium Punch >> Heavy Kick >> Hold MP/MK)
  • Wall Jump (Diagonally Up & Forward when Jumping near wall)

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