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Fei Long returns in Street Fighter 5 - as an incredible fan-made mod

Thanks to fans, you can now Rekka and Flame Kick your way through Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter 5 is officially finished with content updates, but industrious fans aren't giving up - and the latest impressive effort by fans brings classic Street Fighter 2 martial artist Fei Long to the game.

Fei Long has been in the news a little of late, with the suggestion that he might never return to the series upsetting some fans. That was later disputed and said to be false, but whatever the truth is, those desperate will soon be able to play as him thanks to the team behind a major SF5 mod.

The team behind Street Fighter 5: Mysterious Mod, an impressive fan-made update to the game that adds new moves, balance changes, and other major tweaks to SF5, today revealed their interpretation of Fei Long on YouTube with a video that the groups ays "marks the start of a new project." Check it out:

Watch on YouTube

The mod appears to be incredibly in-depth, and the trailer is cleverly cut in a very similar fashion to the official character reveal trailers from Capcom. Fei Long has a new character model that I assume has been adapted from that of Street Fighter 4 - though he's been adjusted to give him proportions and shading more in keeping with the rest of SF5.

The modded Fei Long has all of the Street Fighter 5 bells and whistles - so a couple of V-Skills, a V-Shift, and a new 'Critical Art' super move. Fei's got combos, and the trailer shows him dishing out hefty damage against a range of characters on several of SF5's existing stages.

It's a really impressive piece of work, especially considering it's fan made. And it shows that though Street Fighter 6 is on the way and looking pretty impressive, there's still life to be had out of Street Fighter 5 - especially if fan projects like this continue. Fei Long isn't in that leaked SF6 roster either - but at least fans will be able to get their fill of this Bruce Lee inspired brawler with this mod.

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