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Street Fighter 5 stability and server issues addressed, PC-specific features incoming

Capcom has addressed some of the issues Street Fighter 5 player have been experiencing, adding that it's also looking into implementing specific features players have requested on PC.


Native DirectInput support for existing PlayStation 3 and PS4 compatible Arcade Sticks on PC is just one feature being looked into adding in an upcoming patch. Capcom said in the interim, players can use XInput remapping tools.

The development team is also looking into expanding key binding options beyond what's included by default.

In-game language options are also being researched for the Steam client launcher in an upcoming patch along with simplifying the ability to switch resolution settings.

Other PC-specific issues such as game boot-up and crashing issues were addressed. Capcom said part of the issue could be attributed to Anti-Virus software preventing the game executable from launching. Users should make sure the Street Fighter 5 executable file is added to the inclusion list.

Non-reproducible crashes and stability issues are also being researched, and the teams asks that players continue to report bugs through the game's feedback section on Steam.

A fix for Fighter ID corruption after account registration on PC will be applied "shortly" to prevent further occurrences.

Finally, some of the network and server-side issues for both PC and PS4 have been fixed.

Capcom said login and intermittent connectivity issues "should be less frequent" as the service stabilizes with the launch on both platforms in all regions.

The team also identified the root cause with matchmaking issues and have implemented a server side fix.

Street Fighter 5 was released yesterday on PC and PS4.

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