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Street Fighter 5 servers collapsed under heavy launch demand

The first few hours after the launch of Street Fighter 5 did not go very smoothly.


Capcom turned on the Street Fighter 5 servers overnight for all platform. As you may have expected, a lot of people couldn't connect.

The game's sub-Reddit, Steam forums and even Twitter, were all flooded with players complaining about not being able to connect. The connection screen would seemingly take forever to establish a connection, before eventually timing out.

For other players, server instability resulted in dropped matches, and instances where they got kicked out of their survival rounds, prompting them to restart from the beginning.

Capcom took the servers offline to identify what's causing the issues, and brought them back up about an hour later. There's also a pinned topic covering server status on the Steam forums.

To give you an idea of how dire things were a few hours ago, Twitter user GestDaBomb took this telling screenshots of the Street Fighter 5 Twitch page.

Thankfully, most players are able to play now, and the number of positive reports is going up.

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