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Street Fighter 5 character reveal coming tomorrow, along with a new Lupe Fiasco track for some reason

The Street Fighter 5 cast expands tomorrow, although we think we already know who it is.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 becomes slightly less mysterious tomorrow with the reveal of the second character, following on from Akuma.

In a bit of cross-promotion, the character reveal will be accompanied by the debut of a new track from Lupe Fiasco's forthcoming album, Drogas Light. Either Lupe Fiasco likes Street Fighter 5 or Capcom is willing to fork out a lot of cash to promote it. Or both, possibly.

As for the identity of the new character, PVPLive reports community members are guessing Helen is joining the cast of Street Fighter 5. Helen is Gill's assistant, and was previously known as Kolin or Colleen before going undercover for Street Fighter 5. Her new design certainly seems to match the latest character silhouette published on Facebook, and I suppose since she's never been playable she technically meets Capcom's promise that the remainder of Street Fighter 5 Season 2 would be all new characters.

There's also a bit of speculation that a Redditor may have data mined or leaked details of Helen almost two weeks ago, notably playing up her alleged ice powers, which again matches the artwork on the Street Fighter 5 Facebook page and the latest teaser. But the original material has since been deleted, and it's possible it was a joke or even a mistake, as Helen mods are available.

Put an end to speculation by tuning in tomorrow to find out who's joining the Street Fighter 5 cast.

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