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Street Fighter 5: Birdie moves list

The easiest grappler to get to grips with in Street Fighter 5.


Street Fighter 5: Birdie moves list

If you like characters who can grapple but dislike some of their more complicated move inputs, Birdie is a perfect pick – he combines some of the features of grapplers with standard fighting moves, making him a much more balanced take on that type of character. His unique V-Skill also gives opportunities for some interesting play.


V-Skill: Break Time (MP, MK Simultaneously)


Simply hitting the regular V-Trigger inputs has Birdie eat a donut, which in turn fills his V-Trigger meter some. If you press Back + MP/MK instead, Birdie eats a banana, then tosses the peel to the ground in front of him. Opponents can of course trip on this.

Pressing Down + MP/MK sees him down an energy drink, again throwing away the can. The can rolls along the ground as a low-hitting projectile. This can be used to force opponents to block low or jump.

V-Trigger: Enjoy Time (HP, HK Simultaneously when V-Trigger Gauge is full)


Birdie eats a pepper, and turns an impressive shade of red. Most of his moves gain additional buffs such as being able to take a hit without flinching, longer reach, or coming out much faster. He’s deadly in this mode.

Special Moves

Bull Head (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)


Birdie uses his considerable size to deliver a nasty headbutt. The punch button used determines the range, with light punch hitting immediately in front of Birdie and heavy having a considerable dash forwards. The EX version of this move hits twice

Bull Horn (Hold Down Punch or Kick)

Holding punch or kick charges up the Bull Horn, which can take a hit once the button is released and sees him doing a skyward headbutt. The EX version also dashes forwards.

Hanging Chain (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)


Birdie whips out his chain to try to catch and grab the opponent. If you hold in the kick button you can delay the release of the chain, and cancel the move with the punch button. The Light, Medium & EX versions of this move reach out horizontally, while the Hard Punch version reaches up diagonally to pull down jumping opponents.

Killing Head (Half Circle Back + Punch)


Birdie grapples the opponent and headbutts them several times, resulting in a knockdown. There’s an EX version too.

Bull Revenger (Half Circle Back + Kick)


Birdie hops into the air and across the screen, grabbing the opponent when he reaches them. This is essentially a ranged grab, with the hop at the start ideal for punishing those who carelessly toss out projectiles or taunt full-screen. The button used determines the distance of the jump, with a heavy kick version reaching an opponent a full screen away.

Critical Art (Super) – Skip to my Chain (Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)


Birdie head-butts his foe at close range and then, if it lands, launches into a devastating grab. Be sure to do this at close range!

Unique Moves

These moves are ‘normal moves’, but are executed when pressing certain button combinations or sequences, and often have specific uses and properties. Try them in training mode to see what they’re useful for!

  • Bull Drop (Forward + Heavy Kick)
  • Bull Charge (Forward + Heavy Punch)
  • Bull Slider (Down/Forward Diagonally + Heavy Punch)
  • Bad Hammer (Down + Heavy Punch > Heavy Punch)

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