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Street Fighter 5 beta will resume today at 11am PT [Update]

Following severe server issues which kept folks from participating in the Street Fighter 5 beta, servers went back online last night and it was set to resume today. It appears things still aren't going swimmingly today for some, as servers are at capacity.

Here's the latest tweets on the matter from Capcom, which is referring everyone to Capcom Unity for updates. The Capcom Unity updates are below as well; not that all timestamps are in US PDT.

11:00am - BETA is live.

11:20: We have identified an issue with the servers and will be implementing a fix. The servers will go down momentarily as we implement it.

11:40am: The servers are being reset and will be up in the next 5~10 minutes.

12:00pm: The servers have been reset and players are slowly trickling in.

12:20: We ran into an error earlier in the morning that took about an hour to implement. The fix is now applied and we are increasing server capacity rapidly. We are now are at an all time high of concurrent users and it continues to rise. Please continue to attempt to login and once again thanks for your patience.

12:40: We are continuing to see improvements on our end and are steadily increasing the amount of users who can login. Please continue to attempt to connect and thank you again for sticking with us as we work things out.

1:00PM: We're seeing great progress on this end as we are continuing add more users. We understand not everyone can login at this point but please keep trying as we are working hard to get as many players in as quickly as possible. Thank you.

1:20PM: Unfortunately one of the servers has gone down, so a group of players have just been disconnected. We are working on rebooting it currently. Thanks for your patience.

1:40PM: We are going to be resetting the servers, and then will attempt to double our capacity. The servers should be back up around 2pm. Thanks for your patience.

2:00PM: Servers are going live again now. Hopefully this works so more players can get into some matches. Thanks.

Original Story

The beta will resume again today starting at 11am PT/2pm ET.

According to Capcom Unity, which is providing constant updates on the beta, testing resumed last night until 1am and was limited to only North America.

Capcom said this helped it reduced the strain on the servers, providing the team with a "better work environment to fix the problem."

Once everything is running well in North America, the firm will announce when the global test will go back online in Asia and Europe.

"Thank you all for your patience and support," said the firm. "We know how eager you are to play the game, and how disappointing this start has been. We will make it up to you. The sooner we can get this working, the sooner you can play, and we are working as hard as we can to get everything running smoothly."

The Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta started on July 23 and was expected to last for two days. Due to the server issues, it was extended to July 25. The primary purpose of the beta is to test online functionality and matchmaking, and a PC beta is expected sometime this fal.

Street Fighter 5 will be released on PC and PS4 during spring 2016.

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