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Street Fighter 5 - All Critical Art Finishers

Finish your opponent with these special moves.

Street Fighter 5 features a variety of satisfying finishing moves called Critical Arts. These special moves are unique to each character, and require a decent amount of practice to execute correctly. For this guide, we’ve outlined a description of the Critical Arts for each character, and have included images for the button combos required to activate each move.

Similar to Super Combos, Critical Arts can be used once a player has filled the combo gauge at the bottom of the screen. The gauge will empty upon activating these special moves. Successfully executed Critical Arts deal increased damage to the target.

Some characters have an additional meter that provides modifiers for existing abilities. This meter is called the Variable Gauge, and it controls the use of your V-Skill, V-Reversal, and V-Trigger abilities. These special mechanics modify and enhance the character’s existing skillset while draining the V-Gauge. Check out our Street Fighter 5 Tips for more info on the V-Gauge and other useful advice for playing online.

Activating a V-Trigger prior to a Critical Art results in a modified special attack that draws from both gauges. The V-Trigger can be activated by pressing both heavy buttons. We have indicated which characters have V-Triggers that modify their Critical Arts in the descriptions below. The button layouts in each image also assume the player's character is facing to the right. Keep this in mind when trying to execute each Critical Art.


Skip to My Chain: Birdie moves forward to headbutt his opponent. He then wraps his opponent in chains, pulls him or her closer, and begins jump-roping with their body. After a few quick rotations, Birdie then finishes the move by using the chains to slam his opponent into the ground.


Cross Stinger Assault: Cammy jumps backward into the air to perform a Cannon Strike. This involves Cammy flinging her opponent into the air through a series of focused aerial kicks from different directions. She finishes the move with a Spiral Arrow, driving a final horizontal kick attack straight into her opponent.


Hoyokusen: Chun-Li begins by moving forward and quickly kicking her opponent once in the midsection. She then switches legs, kicks her opponent once more, then unleashes a barrage of fast kicks to her unlucky foe. If Chun-Li was not blocked, she will finish this move with a final upward kick to her opponent’s face.


Yoga Sunburst: Dhalsim looks upward to summon energy from the sky. He fills his belly with this energy, then spits out a powerful fireball of energy that arcs toward his opponent, dealing multiple hits.


Shishiruirui: F.A.N.G. leaps into the air and begins flapping his arms like a bird to hover vertically across the stage. Each flap of his arms drops a glob of goop that can land on his opponent, covering them in the substance while dealing damage.


Kanzuki-Ryu Hadorokushiki Hasha no Kata: Karin executes an elbow strike, a palm strike, and a knee strike back-to-back, dealing three powerful blows to her opponent’s midsection. She then grabs her opponent with both hands, spinning them in a cartwheel rotation before finishing the move with a final palm strike and gleeful laugh.


Guren Enjinkyaku: Ken unleashes a series of flaming kick attacks on his opponent. He ends the move with a swift spiral kick to his opponent’s face.


Inazuma Spin Hold: Laura grabs her opponent, then leaps into the air with him or her. The two come crashing to the ground, and begin spinning rapidly as an electric ball. The Inazuma Spin Hold finishes with a choke hold on her opponent.

M. Bison

Ultimate Psycho Crusher: M. Bison starts by crossing his arms to charge up with a surge of Psycho Power. This flings his opponent upward, suspending them in the air. M. Bison quickly teleports, then gathers more Psycho Power in his fists. He finishes with his signature Psycho Crusher move, flying straight toward his opponent to deliver a powerful midsection strike.


Judgement Saber: Nash lunges forward, dashing through his opponent and causing black smoke to fill the area. When the smoke clears, Nash strikes from behind with a vertical Sonic Hurricane attack that lands upon his opponent’s head and cuts into his or her chest.


Ceremony of Honor: Necalli starts the move by giving off an aggressive roar. He swiftly lunges toward his opponent, grabbing them by the face and smashing their head into the ground. While still holding their face, Necalli slides his opponent along the ground and slams them against the wall. He then unleashes a multitude of vicious palm swipes.

Soul Offering: If Necalli has activated his V-Trigger Torrent of Power, then he will initiate a Soul Offering for his Critical Art instead of the final palm swipes. This involves only a solitary gut punch, which delivers negative energy into the opponent.

R. Mika

Peach Assault: For this special move, R. Mika joins forces with Yamato Nadeshiko to perform a dual Flying Peach attack. After signaling with a cheeky slap, the two girls fling their opponent into the air. They then simultaneously lunge butt-first towards one another, catching the opponent in their backsides and slamming him or her headfirst into the ground.


Altair: Rashid flings his opponent into the air using a powerful tornado gust. As his opponent hovers in the sky, Rashid pummels them with a barrage of rapid kicks, executing multiple hits. The move ends with a final kick.


Shinku Hadoken: In his signature attack, Ryu gathers a massive heap of energy, then sends a huge multi-hit energy ball surging toward his opponent.

Denjin Hadoken: If Ryu has activated his V-Trigger Denjin Renki, his Critical Art will become the Denjin Hadoken. This causes his subsequent energy ball to become electrified, dealing additional damage and reducing the startup time for the move. Note that using Denjin Hadoken depletes Ryu’s entire V-Gauge.


Bloody Rain: Vega begins by dealing a forward strike to his opponent. He follows up with a downward strike and an upward kick that knocks his opponent into the air. As the opponent is falling, Vega then deals a massive claw strike straight upward, slicing through his opponent with a strong slash.


Bolshoi Russian Suplex: As the name implies, Zangief performs a powerful suplex wrestling move. He grabs his opponent, then lifts them in the air while bridging backward to slam the opponent on his or her back. The move ends with Zangief crushing his opponent deeper into the ground.

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