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Storm Legion cover price includes vanilla Rift

Rift's first major expansion won't require you to own a copy of the core MMORPG.

Publisher Trion Worlds told Eurogamer that purchasing Storm Legion will give players access to all the content of the core Rift game; it's like buying a special edition of the MMO.

As such, the expansion will be discounted for those who already own Rift and quite reasonably don't want to pay for it a second time.

Trion's development vice president Russ Brown noted that the company would like to produce an expansion every year if possible.

"I dunno that we're going to be able to. It's really how big the expansions get," he said.

Storm Legion launches later this year, bringing four new souls and upping the level cap to 60; but the Conquest PvP update turns up next week, and you can check out a pretty sweet trailer for the new content here.

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