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Steam Summer Sale 2019 kicks off with a Grand Prix mini-game racing event

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale has started and like in prior years, there's a mini-game in which to participate.

Valve has kicked off its annual Steam Summer Sale, and a mini-game called the 2019 Steam Grand Prix is along for the ride.

The event tasks you with joining a racing team, and in order for your team to come out on top, you will need to earn points to contribute. Points are earned for buying games and by participating in various quests with select games.

If you are in one of the top three teams on the daily chart, you could even win a game from your wish list, so its a nice incentive to contribute.

As far as what's on sale, as usual, each day the main store changes with featured items. All games included in the sale will be discounted throughout. The main page just changes, is all.

Games on sale this week include: Devil May Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Astroneer, Tow Point, Hospital, Scum, The Elder Scrolls Online, SoulCalibur 6, The Wolfenstein franchise, and much more.

The Steam Summer sale ends on July 9.

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