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Stay tuned - more 2XKO updates are set to come "over the coming weeks"

Various topics have been raised as discussion points, including netcode, monetization, and more.

Ahri 2XKO art
Image credit: Riot Games

2XKO is due to have various information updates "over the coming weeks", according to 2XKO editor in chief Ben Forbes. The current topics of these community-facing updates is currently unclear, but those interested in Riot Games' upcoming fighting game are being encouraged to reach out with questions via 2XKO's newly revealed social media channels.

This comes mere days after the game had it's official name reveal, where we not only left Project L behind but learned that at-home testing is planned for this year. After years of occasional updates, it appears that the output of information about 2XKO is picking up major momentum.

Topics raised and acknoledged include monetization, which stands out as somewhat of a key topic right now given Tekken 8's recent implimentation of a in-game store. 2XKO will be free-to-play, so the question of how exactly the game will fund itself has remained a big question mark hanging over the game. Other Riot games like Valorant keep the cash rolling in with pricey but lush looking cosmetics. We know 2XKO will have chroma skins (recolours of fighter models), and the characters themselves have years-worth of League of Legends skins to pull through for inspiration.

Then there's the situation around netcode, which was bat-signled over to Tony Cannon for a future explanation. Tom Cannon has expressed recently that the game will have "server-based netcode", and back during the game's announcement in 2021 the Cannon brothers gave a brief overview of what the online solution for 2XKO would be. Tony Cannon, as the creator of GGPO rollback netcode, is well-versed in the field so expectations are obviously high.

What form will these updates take? No word on that either I'm afraid. Maybe we'll get short video, but personally I'd like to see more comprehensive blog posts. When the game got its free-to-play announcement, Shaun Rivera, Scott Hawkes, Mike Henry and Caroline Montano wrote up this brilliant dev blog for Illaoi that was a great read. It's also true that dev AMAs are reportedly happening in the official 2XKO Discord server at some point in the future, which may be a better way of coversing directly to the community. I may like reading thousands of words of dev insights, but maybe a video or AMA is better suited to the average fan, who knows.

So if you are eager to learn more about 2XKO following the recent reveal, you'll absolutely want to keep yours eyes open in the coming weeks. Why not keep tabs here? We'll be covering all the news, and reporting on original stories around the game as we inch closer to that 2025 release date.

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