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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order surprise update adds new game plus, combat challenges, more

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has received a hefty, final update.

Respawn and EA dropped a surprisingly big update this week for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The patch adds a number of new features, some cosmetic content as well as fix a few remaining bugs.

The highlight is the Meditation Training, essentially a new game mode that can be accessed from any of the Meditation points across the game's worlds, though only in new game plus. Meditation Training encompasses two modes: Combat Challenges and the Battle Grid.

Combat Challenges are horde-style encounters where Cal must fight through waves of enemies. Each encounter is tailor made for the location it's set in (from the game's campaign missions), and your performance will be given a star rating at the end. Respawn says the fights are designed as an endgame activity for players who mastered the game's combat.

There are 12 in the update, each with three stars to earn. Unlocking 12 stars will unlock three new skins for your droid buddy BD-1.

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Battle Grid is the most interesting addition in Meditation Training, because it allows players to create their own combat scenarios. You can pick a location, set the number of enemies, and apply difficulty modifiers to create a specific encounter. All of the game's enemies, including the ones from Cal's visions, can be placed on the grid. You can even save your creations for later use.

Lastly, there's the aforementioned new game plus, which takes a bit of a unique form in Fallen Order. As with similar new game plus modes in other games, story progress is reset, but here, you'll also have to re-learn all abilities. Collectables, opened chests and other aesthetic unlocks will remain. Once again, this is the only way to access Meditation Training.

For your troubles, you'll unlock the Inquisitor appearance for Cal, complete with a new red Lightsaber set. Apart from the new content, the update makes a few other welcome accessibility additions. You can see everything on the official blog.

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