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Star Wars Battlefront - quick look at Rebel customisation, Darth Vader's force choke

EA has released a couple of short gameplay videos of Star Wars Battlefront showing character customisation and what happens on the other end of Darth Vader's force choke.

star_wars_battlefront (14)

Just one week ahead of Star Wars Battlefront's release, EA have released two short teasers for the game through Sony's PlayStation Twitter account.

The videos are short, but that's because they illustrate very specific things.

The first goes quickly through the various faces you can use to customise your Rebel soldier.

This one shows Darth Vader's force choke, only it's from the perspective of the poor soldier on the receiving end.

Star Wars Battlefront is out November 17 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you have EA Access, you'll be able to play it starting tomorrow.

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