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Star Wars Battlefront dev reveals planet Sullust

Sullust, a planet that has not been previously shown, will be featured in one of Star Wars Battlefront's maps.


Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE revealed today that planet Sullust will be one of the game's locations. The planet was mentioned in the films and other Star Wars works, but was only shown today.

DICE posted a diary chronicling the lengths it went to in order to bring the new planet to life. The team travelled to Iceland to capture what it feels like to be on shaky grounds that mix the coldest temperatures of snow with the hottest interruptions of volcanoes.

"We wanted to create a planet on our own, first trying out different ideas and then deciding on a lava planet," said concept artist Anton Grandert.

"With black sharp rocks, huge land shifts, red lava, turquoise lakes, and white smoke… everything to make it really colourful yet imposing and threatening."

From there, DICE worked on making it as authentic as it should be by researching the Lucasfilm archives. For instance, Imperial design elements were used to influence the creation of the structures in the level, given its affiliation with the Empire.

The developer showed two new images that we've added below. These images make it clear that the snow-lava planet that was featured in the reveal trailer, where the TIE Fighters were shown, is in fact Sullust.

They also revealed that the game will feature 12 multiplayer maps, not counting the ones in Missions mode.

More will be revealed at E3 in June. EA's E3 briefing is a safe bet.

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