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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - watch gameplay from all 10 ships available in Starfighter Assault

EA brought a new build of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 to gamescom, and everyone can't stop talking about the Starfighter Assault mode.

This is the mode shown during the publisher's live show, and it's also the one gamescom attendees have been playing all week.

Starfighter Assault features 12v12 players, but what's interesting this time is that ships are split into three different classes. Fighters, interceptors, and bombers. The gamescom build had ten available, including hero ships.

In the video below from BattlefrontUpdates, we get to see footage from every single one.

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The lightly armoured interceptor class is the fastest of them, and it includes the A-Wing, and TIE-Interceptor. The fighter class is the middle ground, and it's where you'll see the TIE-Fighter, and the X-Wing.

Finally, the heaviest of them all is the bomber class with its Y-Wing, and TIE-Bomber. These are designed to inflict the most damage, but they're slow and easier to hit.

As for hero ships, you acquire them the same way you would in regular modes: by accruing enough points and hoping nobody else picked them first. In this demo, we get to see Boba Fett's Save 1, Darth Maul's stealthy Scimitar, Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, and Poe Dameron's Black One.

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