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New footage of Star Wars 1313 shows Boba Fett gameplay

The video features two different clips of Fett in action.

New footage of Star Wars 1313 has surfaced showing off Boba Fett in action.

Shelved by Disney due to the closure of LucasArts studio in 2013, the game would have had players starring as Boba Fett. The video released overnight by The Vault shows two different slices of gameplay which you can view below.

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Keep in mind that what you see in the video is prototype footage, which means it would not have represented the final product.

Announced during E3 2012, the third-person action adventure was set on the city-covered planet Coruscant and was being developed as a mature take on the franchise.

Various concept art and gameplay details have surfaced over the years since the title's cancellation, and word has it the game's prologue started on Tattooine when Boba was rather young and not sporting his awesome Mandalorian armor just yet.

Fett, along with his armor would have evolved throughout the story, and at one point he would have ended up in the dark, slum layer of Coruscant, 1314. Here he would be "fighting his way" through the darkness of the level in search of his bounty.

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