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Star Trek Online to offer lifetime subscriptions for a limited time


Cryptic's to offer lifetime subscriptions for Star Trek Online, and like with its other MMO Champions Online - it's a limited time offer.

There are, however, advantages to purchasing a lifetime sub other than monetary. You will get a playable Borg as a race, and two additional character slots - all for $239.99.

If you pay annually, it will run you $119.99 which is $60 off a year, and it nets you two additional character slots. A normal monthly sub will run you around $14.99 a month - which is about the MMO norm.

As far as the bonus Borg race for lifers is concerned, here's some information pulled from the official site:

The Liberated Borg begins with two traits, and two other traits for the character can be selected from the general list. The race has a +10 percent on Health Regeneration, and its a ground trait that constantly regenerates shields and health.

It also comes with a +5 Starship Shield Efficiency, +5 Starship Engine Efficiency, +5 Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency, +5 Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency, and provides a bonus to efficiency stats, "improving the effectiveness of many of your power management abilities".

The Liberated Borg also has a unique optional trait called Neural Blast. While it has a 30 second debuff, this trait drastically reduces run speed and every 4 seconds, Neural Blast has a 40 percent chance to hold the target for 3 seconds by injecting the target with neural toxins.

If all of this sounds great to you, you better hurry, because the lifetime sub is a limited offer. It is also only available to those that pre-ordered the game, same with the yearly deal.

When Champions launched last year, lifetime subs were offered but Cryptic nor Atari mentioned that there were only a limited number of these subs available.

This caused a bit of an uproar, which forced Atari to offer the deal again for a limited time.

Star Trek Online launches next month, and is currently in Open Beta.

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