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Square Enix shows a sense of humour about THAT Final Fantasy 10 scene

A new Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster shows Square Enix can laugh at itself.

Final Fantasy 10 is a firm favourite of mine, but it's not perfect. No matter how much you may love Tidus and Yuna, you have to admit: that scene where they laugh together is more creepy than heartwarming.

In a new trailer for the upcoming PS4 HD remaster of the two games, Square Enix shows of an honour roll of favourite moments from the game with text highlighting what we learned from the pair of RPGs - "you taught us how to love" and so on.

You might have expected the publisher to label the laughing scene scene "you taught us how to laugh" but it has instead elected to go for "you taught us how to be awkward".

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Stellar stuff. I tried not to have any feelings viewing this promotional material but instead I had a lot of them. I hope I can find a couple of hudnreds hours over the summer lull to go back and completely rewrite the sphere grid and max out all my dress spheres.

Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster hits PS4 on May 15. It has all the same content as the PS3 version, but with the ability to switch between original and new music and cross-save with Vita and PS3.

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