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Square Enix reveal the Invadercade

Square Enix have revealed that they are to release an arcade-style cabinet for use with the iPad and iPad 2 called the Invadercade.

It's as mental as it sounds - Square Enix claim the cabinet is a faithful recreation of the original 1978 upright Space Invaders arcade game cabinet from Taito just scaled down to a smaller form factor.

Any iPad or iPad 2 will slide right into the Invadercade like a dock, and then players can use the arcade stick and button to play Space Invaders HD, which is available on the App Store for £2.99. The cabinet also features an internal amp and speakers so that the game sounds are amplified when plugged into the cabinet. It also features a volume knob and headphone jack if you'd prefer.

Because the cabinet is powered off mains power, the Invadercade also doubles as a fancy dock and can be used to charge your tablet or play music and videos at an increased volume. It's going to cost around £150 and will launch later this year - and you'll have to pick up the actual Space Invaders game separately off the App Store.

I've thrown a couple of images of the cabinet below.

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