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"P**sed off" fan arrested after mailing death threats to Square Enix

A 40-year-old man has been arrested after threatening to "repeat" a horrific arson attack upon Square Enix.

Kenichi Hiratsuka was detained following an email sent to the Japanese publisher, Fuji News Network reported (via Siliconera). Hiratsuka allegedly threatened a "repeat of Kyoto Animation" upon Square Enix.

35 people died when Kyoto Animation's offices were targeted by an arson attack, one of the deadliest attacks on Japanese soil since the end of the Second World War. Naturally, authorities have taken the Square threat seriously.

Following his arrest, Hiratsuka reportedly told police that the email was sent following a heated gaming moment. Authorities have not disclosed which title riled him up, only that it was a mobile game.

"I was p**sed off at losing in a game, so I sent the mail," he reportedly claimed.

This isn't even the first arrest made against a Square Enix fan this year. Back in March, a 25-year-old fan sent death threats to the firm, after spending almost $2000 hunting for (and failing to get) an item in a Gacha game.

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