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Square confirms Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for 2012 western release

Square Enix has announced it'll release Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance in Europe and the US next year.

The RPG was confirmed for a March 2012 launch on 3DS for Japan this past weekend at Jump Festa.

New worlds confirmed also announced at Festa were Pinocchio, Notre Dame, Three Musketeers and Tron Legacy.

Dream Drop's story sees Sora and Rikku, who'll act as duel playable protagonists, go through something known as the Mark of Mastery exam ahead of an impending threat. Complete the task and the pair will become Keyblade masters.

The Square/Disney hybrid, which brings together some of the companies most established IPs such as Final Fantasy, Winnie the Pooh, Tron and others, celebrates its tenth anniversary next year, having released the first game on PS2 in 2002.

"The story of this game will serve as the opening chapter of the final conflict, and, as always, will be full of surprises," said KH creator and Dream Drop Distance director Tetsuya Nomura in what almost sounded like a hint towards Kingdom Hearts 3.

"In order to best implement this element of surprise and discover new realms of possibility, we have chosen Nintendo 3DS as our platform. With its revolutionary new game system, this title will not only be a bold, exhilarating tale of adventure, but also a first look into the future form of the Kingdom Hearts series."

Watch the trailer from Festa below.

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