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Sportsfriends hits PC this week, but without Johann Sebastian Joust

Glorious party game Johann Sebastian Joust will not be included in the PC version of Sportsfriends.

The Sportsfriends compilation will finally release on Steam and the Humble Store on December 19, developer Die Gute Fabrik has revealed.

Unfortunately, one of the four games won't be include in the PC version. In a Kickstarter backer update, Die Gute Fabrik said it proved impossible to get the PlayStation Move controller to work with Windows.

"Unfortunately, it seems like Windows is engineered in a way that makes it infeasible for us to get pairing working robustly," the developer said.

"We looked for experts to help us, and even got in touch with an engineer at Microsoft, who told us 'this is not possible in any way shape or form.' Yeah, we weren't too thrilled either."

Happily, the Linux and Mac version will work just fine, and if you pick up the PC release you'll be entitled to all three versions.

In the future, Die Gute Fabrik hopes to release a custom Linux distribution loadable via Windows with a USB stick, which would be a workaround. It will take the project open source, which may result in a breakthrough.

Johan Sebastian Joust is possibly the most famous game in the Sportsfriends compilation. It is played entirely offscreen, with motion controllers.

Sportsfriends is also available on the PlayStation Store.

Thanks, PCGamer.

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