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Sportsfriends coming to PS4, free to PS3 Kickstarter backers

Indie compilation Sportsfriends has secured a next-gen launch on PS4 in addition to previously announced platforms.

Those who supported the game's Kickstarter by pre-purchasing a PS3 version will receive the PS4 port for free. Cross-buy for everyone else has not been confirmed.

Sportsfriends is a collection of indie games which feature active local co-op play; one of the inclusions is the famous Johann Sebastian Joust, a favourite of events and conferences which has players chasing each other with Move controllers. On the PS4, it will use bog standard DualShock 4 pads, which come equipped with a light bar making them motion-control ready. The other games are Hokra, Super Pole Riders and BaraBariBall.

The crowdfunded compilation is also coming to Linux, Mac, PC and PS3, and you can pre-order it for alpha access.

The announcement post on the PlayStation Blog makes no mention of release dates for either console, unfortunately. It did include this new teaser trailer, though.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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