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Splice headed to PS3, science puzzler gets E3 trailer

From the makers of Auditorium comes the DNA-themed puzzler which delayed its sequel. Splice is headed to PlayStation 3, and has spawned a new trailer to celebrate E3.

Splice was made available on various platforms last year, and has been a critical and commercial success. It's now headed to consoles for the first time, with Cipher Prime confirming on the PlayStation Blog that the puzzler will release via the PlayStation Network for PS3. It's due in late northern summer.

In Splice, a single-player only affair, you rearrange branched cells to match strand outlines in a limited number of moves. If you mess up, you can reverse time and try again. There are over 70 puzzles, a minimal HUD, and a soundtrack from Dan Saint with 11 tracks.

Cipher Prime teased the possibility of PlayStation Move support, too.

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