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Spector pitched Deus Ex-esque title originally before Epic Mickey


Junction Point boss Warren Spector's told Develop he originally pitched a Deus Ex-esque title to Disney.

He admitted he thought his pitch would turn out badly, and that the company wouldn't care for it.

"I remember telling my agent before the Disney meeting that I knew they’re not going to be interested in this stuff," said Spector.

"I went into the meeting room, pitched them my stuff, and sure enough I was right. The guys started texting in the middle of the meeting. I was convinced they were not interested."

But the execs weren't texting outside the room. Instead, it was each other, as Spector would later find out.

"I was standing there and they were actually texting to each other, saying ‘Should we ask him about the Mickey game?’ I really thought I was losing them.

"So they said to me, 'We have a concept,' and they were kind of embarrassed, 'We have a concept for Mickey, we want to show you our idea.' And they gave me this pitch."

And the rest is history. Well, the rest is Epic Mickey, anyway.

As for his futuristic IP he originally pitched, something can still come out of it, Spector said.

"Disney now owns the IP to it. So who knows – I certainly have ideas of how they would work in a Disney context."

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